Micron’s grommets & washers are imperative components to guarantee a dependable, secure, strong, long-lasting affixing arrangement for shades, windscreens, canopies and defensive covers. Micron is the driving producer and provider of grommets and washers for shades within the United States. Our solid commercial-grade sheet metal grommets give gap support to circle cables, ropes or tie-downs conjointly keep your shade extend looking proficient. Micron’s sheet metal grommets can be utilized traded with plain washers, teeth washers, or neck washers to secure both commercial and private shades, roof tarps, windscreens, canopies, security screens and industrial-grade umbrellas.

Our sheet metal grommets come in well known wraps up such as brass, nickel plated, or gloomy dark chemical to complement your last item and give security from the harshest climate conditions. Whereas selecting the proper grommet wrap up is imperative for a proficient see, choosing the proper grommet.

These grommets come in a assortment of wraps up and metals and utilize plain washers. These require a press and/or a gap cutter to set the plain grommet and washer within the texture.

This grommet and washer sort gives a firm, tight get a handle on in woven material materials. Like Micron’s other grommet and washer collections, they are accessible in a assortment of wraps up and metals to meet your extend determinations.

These grommets and washers have a extending, barrel to barrel setting strengthening the gap with two whole parts. This sort of grommet and washer combination is perfect for thicker gage materials and materials. Neck grommet and washers are perfect for dual-feed, high-speed machines since the neck gives the setting machine with something to seize on to so it can be encouraged down the raceway toward the apparatuses.

These are the best grommet sorts to work with, since pre-punched gaps are not required for most materials. Self-Piercing grommets and washers are outlined to cut their claim gap in one single activity when setting the comparing washer.

Pre-punched gaps are required for rolled edge grommets and goad washers. The goad washer has goads to grasp the fabric and give a solid setting. Rolled edge grommets and goad washers are frequently utilized on shades, tarps, and banners due to their presentation to the components and wind.