Micron M-3 Machine Attaching Dies Information

Micron M-3 Machine Curtain Grommet Hole Piercing

Micron M-3 Machine 1-1/2” #12 Curtain Grommet Installations

Micron M-3 Grommet Attaching Machine Small Grommet
Installation With Various Fabrics

Micron America M-3 Grommet Attaching Machine
Being worked With Our Self-Piercing #2
Grommets and Plastic Washers For Thin Material

Micron M-3 Machine With 1 Inch Sheet Metal Grommet Installation

Micron M-3 ALL-IN-ONE Textile Fastening
Attaching (Forward Pulled) Hand Press Machine
#7 Rolled Rim Grommet Spur Washer

Micron M-3 Grommet Press - Installing
The #8 Two-Step Die Set


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