TEP-1 Hand Press Machine Promotional Video

Micron TEP-1 Machine Various Fabric SPGW
#1.7 Grommet Installation

Micron TEP-1 Machine Hole Piercing Die

Micron TEP-1 Machine Rhine Stone, Closed Cap,
Open Cap Bebeto (Prong, Clothing)
Snaps Installation

Micron TEP-1 Hand Press Fastening Machine
Spring Snap Installation

TEP-1 Hand Press Machine Double Sided
Capped Jean Rivets Installation

Micron TEP-1 Machine Hand Press Fastener
Machine 13mm Plastic Snaps Installation

Micron TEP-1 Machine Rhine Stone, Tack button,
Center Hole & Move-Able Head Jean
Button Installation

Micron TEP-1 Grommet Press With Ring Jean Rivets

Attaching Plain Ring On Bombe Button With TEP-1 Machine

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