It’s truly not surprise that after being in trade for 25 years  half Micron America, metal fasteners such as grommets & washers, eyelets, and snap sets are key components of our production line. We are glad to have our items be chosen by best businesses in so numerous categories. A few of our biggest businesses incorporate the taking after and numerous more:

  • Industrial Fabrics
  • Banners, Signs, Flags
  • Military Gear and Apparel
  • Electronics/Electrical
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Marine
  • Sporting Goods
  • Commercial Printing
  • Hospital/Medical
  • Apparel

Some examples offer assistance demonstrate why Micron products are so broadly utilized over these businesses and why we deliver thousands and thousands of pieces in select metals, with diverse colors and plentiful alternatives.

Our clients have particular reasons why they utilize a specific type of grommet, for occasion.

A few applications within the mechanical textures category needs tough grommets and washers made of heavy-duty brass.

Businesses within medical industries got to consider the toughness and reliability as well as the quality, so regularly the grommets utilized in this segment not as it were ought to hold tight, but too see great with maybe a extraordinary color like nickel or brass color. Equip and attire made for the restorative have particular prerequisites, so Micron fabricates these claim to fame eyelets and ring snaps to meet those standards.