Micron’s self-piercing grommets are made from high-quality, heavy gauge brass than traditional sheet metal grommets. While brass has many qualities, this material is ideal for grommets and washers because brass material will not rust and is non-magnetic. If your current brass grommets attract a magnet, then they are brass plated steel or iron and will eventually rust. Micron offers 5 different color option for self-piercing grommets.

Our self-piercing grommets function together with our industry-leading washers. When set with any Micron’s eyelet attaching machine either it’s automatic or manual, this combination pierces the material and sets the brass grommet and washer in a single action. Self piercing grommets does not require pre-punching a hole and are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as outdoor signage and vinyl banners.

Choosing a Grommet Size for Your Sign.

On the off chance that you’re utilizing a grommet press for lean applications such as blurbs, standards, and cover, at that point regularly standard paper eyelets are required. In case your signage employments thicker materials such as froth center or folded plastic Coreplast sheets, at that point long neck self-piercing grommets are prescribed, guaranteeing a more prominent neck length beneath the spine to oblige the thicker fabric.

If your sign specifications and design include both thick and thin materials, both standard and long neck brass self-piercing grommet and washer sets may be required for the best outcome.

Our solid commercial-grade sheet metal grommets give gap support to circle cables, ropes or tie-downs conjointly keep your shade extend looking proficient. Micron’s sheet metal grommets can be utilized traded with neck washers to secure both commercial and private

It is vital to keep in mind that the thickness of the fabric is an critical thought when acquiring grommets and washers for your signage. In the event that you employ long neck grommets on more slender materials like pennants, the neck would be as well long to appropriately secure the washer affixing the set in put. The conclusion item would have a grommet that turns. For a long-lasting, secure sign, selecting the right grommet measure is mission basic

Your best possible machine options for the self-piercing grommets are as follows ;